About Us

Stovetop Chai emerged from our love for real Indian Chai. Chai or Cha is an Indian word used for tea, which refers to sweet milky tea brewed with black tea leaves and aromatic Indian spices. The art of blending spices for Masala Chai has been an integral part of every Indian household, defining our culture and tradition.

We had a very humble start, we started with brewing chai at Kelvingrove farmers markets in Brisbane and with our customer's love and support, we launched a selection of handcrafted tea blends. Masala chai has been a very popular range of our teas, which reminds you the real taste from the streets of India.

We offer some finest black teas, herbal teas, chai blends and a huge range of Masala Chai.  Our tea blends are hand blended in Brisbane and uniquely blended to give you an authentic tea experience.